Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Daily Paintworks is offering by auction the above painting, a 6x6 inch acrylic on paper on canvas for bid (starting at $15.00) and purchase.  Follow the above link to the site and see more artwork by  Nancy Canyon.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Daily Paintworks

Daily Paintworks is a website where artists who paint regularly show their work.  See my page, Nancy Canyon to see the paintings below and many others.  Many paintings are priced at $50. Contact me at nancy@nancycanyon.com to arrange shipping after purchase of the painting from the website using Paypal.

Cottonwood Reflection

Whatcom Lake

Forest Floor


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Daily Paint Works

To be a great artist or painter or musician, one must practice. Daily practice is advisable. I did this while taking organ lessons.  It made sense.  So I decided to take my art up a notch by challenging myself to a painting a day. I did this throughout February and it was quite a lot of fun. In fact, I got my grandson involved too.  Once a week he paints with me. We love this time together.

If you'd like to see some of these new paintings (more all the time) check out my new website
http://www.dailypaintworks.com/Artists/nancy-canyon-6776 There are other painter's sites you can look at at Daily Paintworks too.  Many artists have taken on this challenge, to paint often, even if it's not daily, to improve skill.

Here are a couple of examples of my new work:

Monday, March 21, 2016

Scudder Pond

Check out my new site at Daily Paint Works. There's lots of new work daily and it's easy to purchase smaller paintings for affordable prices.  http://www.dailypaintworks.com/fineart/nancy-canyon/scudder-pond/467418 and http://www.dailypaintworks.com/artists/nancy-canyon-6776/artwork

Unclad Art Show

This last weekend a wonderful and prestigious show took place at the Edmonds Yacht Club in Edmonds, Washington. 90 artist participated in the show, selected by jury from over 400 entries. Though the show is over, the art is still available for purchase.  You can see all the wonderful pieces at www.uncladarshow.com
Aerial Artist, Graphite and Acrylic paint, $395.00

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nature in the Balance at Lightcatcher Museum

If you are interested in seeing our local artist's interpretations of the effects of global warming on the planet...take a look at this show at the Lightcatcher Museum: Nature in the Balance http://www.whatcommuseum.org/  I have a painting of an Antarctic iceberg hanging in the center section...my thinking in painting it being, if we truly see the beauty on earth, how can we harm that. We should do anything and everything in our power to protect what we have.

Art is a good way to make statements about what we hold dear.  When I was a beginning painter, an instructor said to me, What are you saying?  I shrugged...That I like pretty flowers?  If it was good enough for Georgia, couldn't it be good enough for me?  Still I like the shape of the iris and if you take a look at my painting, you will see it resembles a flower.  Toward the culmination of the piece, I noticed shadows in the right corner that resembled Leopard Seals...a native of Antarctica.  I believe in the process of the subconscious...it will come through every time with meaning, whether we are conscious of what we mean to say or not.

How do we become more conscious?  I think writing and art are helpful tools in discovering meaning.  Also, we have meditation, the mountains, walking, breathing, listening to bird calls and beautiful music.  Summer is a good time to recline in nature, close one's eyes and listen.  A bee, a fly, the wings of a bird, the water lapping, a fish jumping, the croak of a frog.   This morning early I heard a loon call twice.  This is what I am saying in my paintings.  Nature is precious and beautiful.  I bask in this beauty.  And I want to protect it.

Here's the piece in process...the final version you will have to take a look at at the museum.  The show hangs through the summer...so you have plenty of time.  Enjoy!

Antarctica Iceberg

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winter Show at Jansen Art Center

If you haven't been to Lynden, it's a treat to visit this special town not far out Meridian from Bellingham.  There's a great Dutch bakery there to enjoy a treat and the windmills are delightful.  I'm reminded of my old stomping grounds, Coeur d' Alene, Idaho...only there we had a statue of Paul Bunyon.

But this quaint town has more to offer than Dutch treats, there's a beautiful art center near the bakery.  This winter my work is being shown there.  So give yourself an artist date and take in the art center, the gift shop, and the cafe at the art center.  Here's the link:
Jansen Art Center in Lynden. www.jansenartcenter.org/

Also, if you like doing collage, I'm holding a collage class this Sunday, the 20th, from 1-4 PM.  Currently I have three folks signed up.  I can have up to 10.  I think 6 would be ideal.  It is $25.00, which includes, board, glue, & magazines.... and I'll have the teapot on and some snacks.  If you are interested let me know.  I can be reached at wildcanyons@msn.com

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Honey Salon Showing of New Work

NEW WORK: Nature Reflections

The show is a success...and my work, I think, has reached a new high.  I'm happy with the way one photograph of a reflection taken while walking around Padden Lake inspired me to create many new paintings.  That's the thing with art, if you are stuck, and I was, it could be that there just isn't anything inspiring you right now.  Now I'm inspired, and you could be too.

If you get a chance, please stop at Honey Salon, Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10-7.  The show will run through December 6th.  Honey Salon is at 310 Holly St. in Bellingham, right next to Rocket Donuts and up the street from Old Town Cafe.  Enjoy the show and while you're there, meet the great stylists, my favorite being Marisa Perrault. Please say hello.  www.nancycanyon.com

Thursday, October 4, 2012

White of Clouds

What is the difference between inspiration and imagination?  I get inspired out in nature, walking around Lake Padden, looking through the clear water to the lake bottom, seeing the reflection of alders on the water surface, and the reflection of clouds from above.  It's amazingly beautiful and that inspires me. 
I'm also inspired by shapes in nature, the way rocks pile next to grass, the carving of Chuckanut sandstone, the patterns of tree branches backlit with sunlight.  Is this imagination or does it inspire my imagination?  Maybe it doesn't matter...but as artists, I believe we must go out and look...be it at the natural elements, or to an antique store, a museums or gallery.  We get to see how art can be made by viewing Picasso's physical forms drawn from different angles, or Chihuly's large paintings he makes into beautiful blown glass. 
It's the same with an author.  We read to learn how other author's form sentences, how they describe a character or place.  The artist must do the same thing...study texture, light, shape, flow, compostion. 

Where do you go to get inspired?  Where do you take in information that will grow your imagination into a new painting, a new collage, a new story? 
Please come to my open studio October 21, noon to four.  1000 Harris Ave, #21.  The entrance to the stairs is between Good Earth Pottery and Artwood.  My studio will be open (3rd floor) and so will the jeweler's and potter's on the second floor.  Make it a day in Fairhaven...have some gelato, walk to the dock and back, enjoy the fall weather.

Peace, Nancy  

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Roots...5 Things to Remember About Light

Acrylic on Canvas 3 x 4'

When you paint, you will get to a place in developing your piece where you want to decide on details of light.  If you are working from a drawing, you  probably have established this already.  In this painting, I wanted the light coming from the left and lighting the background more than the foreground.  The painting became somewhat surreal by doing this...as the drawing was of actual roots that I'd photographed in the woods.  Of course, I added details to make this piece look watery.

When working with light:
1.  Find a focal point and make it the brightest place in the painting.
2.  To get more contrast, remember you must have a darkest dark as well as a lightest light.
3.  Observe your painting in different light situations...low light, bright light...etc.  See if you are capturing the effect you want.
4.  Work slowly, especially when adding darkest darks.  It's harder to lighten a dark, than to darken a light.
5.  Correct at the end, bringing back your focal point to the brightest...so we look there first.

What are you working on in your studio?  Let me know via comment.
Happy Painting,