Thursday, December 22, 2011

Daily Painting

Some artists like to paint a small painting each day as a warm-up and practice, just as the writer writes each day, not necessarily on a project, but to practice. This practice could be likened to physical exercise, daily stretching, or a daily practice on a keyboard or other instrument, to limber up the creative muscles, so to speak. There are several places on-line where artists can sell their work, on e-bay artists sell small paintings for between $100-$200.

I started a daily painting practice at one point, but didn't get too far. Now I'm painting larger paintings, but considering painting small pieces on paper as warm-ups. I will upload a couple of pieces here that I painted a year or two ago, with just this idea in mind. These are acrylic on paper and they are framed. They are $150/each, plus tax and shipping.  To order, contact me at

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Art Show Open House

This Saturday, from 10-4, I will have my studio open for a showing and sale of cards, paintings, and shadow boxes.  It's a retrospective of sorts, all of my work, including multi-media boxes, collages, cards, and small originals.  I'll be donating the proceeds of the sales to my grandnephew's medical fund.  He got his new heart on Labor Day.  It is such a miracle, let me tell you.  Now his sweet parents have these huge medical bills to pay off.  The piece shown here is one of many pieces I will sell for $15-$20 each to help them out.  I hope you will come by and see my work, meet me, and enjoy some hot cider and cookies.

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011
1000 Harris, #206
Bellingham, WA 98225
Entrance between Artwood and Goodearth Pottery in Fairhaven.  Huff up the stairs to the third floor and take a right, #21.  Other studios will be open too, so bring your checkbook or cash and do some Christmas shopping.