Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nature in the Balance at Lightcatcher Museum

If you are interested in seeing our local artist's interpretations of the effects of global warming on the planet...take a look at this show at the Lightcatcher Museum: Nature in the Balance  I have a painting of an Antarctic iceberg hanging in the center thinking in painting it being, if we truly see the beauty on earth, how can we harm that. We should do anything and everything in our power to protect what we have.

Art is a good way to make statements about what we hold dear.  When I was a beginning painter, an instructor said to me, What are you saying?  I shrugged...That I like pretty flowers?  If it was good enough for Georgia, couldn't it be good enough for me?  Still I like the shape of the iris and if you take a look at my painting, you will see it resembles a flower.  Toward the culmination of the piece, I noticed shadows in the right corner that resembled Leopard Seals...a native of Antarctica.  I believe in the process of the will come through every time with meaning, whether we are conscious of what we mean to say or not.

How do we become more conscious?  I think writing and art are helpful tools in discovering meaning.  Also, we have meditation, the mountains, walking, breathing, listening to bird calls and beautiful music.  Summer is a good time to recline in nature, close one's eyes and listen.  A bee, a fly, the wings of a bird, the water lapping, a fish jumping, the croak of a frog.   This morning early I heard a loon call twice.  This is what I am saying in my paintings.  Nature is precious and beautiful.  I bask in this beauty.  And I want to protect it.

Here's the piece in process...the final version you will have to take a look at at the museum.  The show hangs through the you have plenty of time.  Enjoy!

Antarctica Iceberg

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