Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Crinkle Paper Paintings

Whatcom Cottonwoods

Pine Lake Lilies

These paintings are done using a process where the paper is dampened and wrinkled so sizing is broken down. Then values of ink are added. Once dry, the painting is enhanced with watercolor or ink-pencils, or pen and ink...whatever the artist chooses. These two paintings fit nicely with my reflection series. The bottom one is a reflection of the sky on the water at Pine Lake. I hiked in with a friend, about 5 miles, then set up camp on a little island we had to wade to. It was spring and the water flooded the boardwalk between the land and this tiny island off shore. This is a very small lake in the Chuckanuts. It was beautiful that night, clear and calm. The lake reflected everything, the trees, the pinking clouds in the sky. Just fabulous. I may add more to this painting to enhance the lilies, for at the moment, it is abstract. Although, I love it this way. They are approximately 16 x 20, although this photo got cropped slightly in the upload. Contact me at if you are interested in purchasing these.