Thursday, October 4, 2012

White of Clouds

What is the difference between inspiration and imagination?  I get inspired out in nature, walking around Lake Padden, looking through the clear water to the lake bottom, seeing the reflection of alders on the water surface, and the reflection of clouds from above.  It's amazingly beautiful and that inspires me. 
I'm also inspired by shapes in nature, the way rocks pile next to grass, the carving of Chuckanut sandstone, the patterns of tree branches backlit with sunlight.  Is this imagination or does it inspire my imagination?  Maybe it doesn't matter...but as artists, I believe we must go out and it at the natural elements, or to an antique store, a museums or gallery.  We get to see how art can be made by viewing Picasso's physical forms drawn from different angles, or Chihuly's large paintings he makes into beautiful blown glass. 
It's the same with an author.  We read to learn how other author's form sentences, how they describe a character or place.  The artist must do the same texture, light, shape, flow, compostion. 

Where do you go to get inspired?  Where do you take in information that will grow your imagination into a new painting, a new collage, a new story? 
Please come to my open studio October 21, noon to four.  1000 Harris Ave, #21.  The entrance to the stairs is between Good Earth Pottery and Artwood.  My studio will be open (3rd floor) and so will the jeweler's and potter's on the second floor.  Make it a day in Fairhaven...have some gelato, walk to the dock and back, enjoy the fall weather.

Peace, Nancy  

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