About Me

Yes, this is me, a gypsy on Halloween back in 1965.  That 's when I started painting--oh, I know, it was just finger painting, but hey, everyone starts somewhere.  I remember being thrilled over making a likeness of Popeye.  My mother was napping on the sofa while I painted in the kitchen.  It's amazing she left me alone with the paints.  Anyway, I woke her up to show her my brilliant rendition of Popeye.

Later I learned to draw from watching John Nagey's drawing classes on TV.  He sold a wooden box with pencils and eraser and paper included.  And instructions, I guess, on how to shade a sphere, how to draw a profile, etc.  My mother bought the kit for me.   

All through gradeschool and junior high I worked hard at improving my painting and drawing skills.  As I look back now, I realize it was what I was good at, I mean really good at.  Later dance and music came into the picture.  And writing, of course.   

I studied pottery, ceramic glazing, oil painting, drawing, and layout and design in the 70s and 80s.  In the late 80s I graduated from NW College of Art with and AOS in Visual Communication.  With that degree and more classes in art and movement therapy, I earned BS in Social Sciences from Marylhurst University. in 2007 I earned the MFA in Creative Writing from Pacific Lutheran University..

The rest of my painting skill came from my own hard work and perseverance.  The artist co-op is a wonderful place to work--since almost all the artists are making a living from their art.  So I find them incredibly inspiring.  If you'd like to come for a  visit to my studio, just give me a call--710-7139.  I'd love to chat with you and show you my work.  Thanks,  Nancy Canyon