Monday, April 9, 2012

Value and the Arts

As an artist, I've given a lot of thought to the value of making art.  Since I believe my life's work must have meaning, such as helping others, does making art satisfy this goal?  The process of making art definitely helps others (and the self) to get in touch with a deeper part of self...perhaps we could call this part the dreamer.  The dreamer is at work all the time making associations and metaphor (right hemisphere processes?) synthesizing our experiences and categorizing them.  This happens while we sleep, when we day dream and as we make art.  If there is no value to making art other than this...I believe we've struck gold.

Again, art serves a purpose to our culture: storytelling, reflection of mores, synthesis of collective beliefs.  Perhaps it could be likened to food for the body: fuel and regeneration.  Each action works with each other action to bring sustenance to being.

Ah, well, this all sounds heady.  Although I'm glad to ponder whatever meaning anyone derives from any activity is relevant...still I just like making art.  Do you make art?  Do you want to make art?  Call me...710-7139 and we'll make it happen.  

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