Monday, April 2, 2012

Focus, focus, focus!!!

As an artist and writer, my biggest stumbling block isn't lack of talent or is distractions. Internet, TV, cleaning, eating, visiting friends, even caffeine...if I drink too much coffee, it is hard to settle down. Did you read the Annie Dillard short essay in The Writer's Life about trying to write...she's on retreat in a cabin on some island around here? She drinks too much coffee and is up and down and up and down from her typewriter...outside chopping wood, etc. I can relate...anything but the creative work. This month, my birthday month...I'm focusing on being fully my artist self, even going out in pubic with paint on my clothes.

The retreat at Artsmith got me refocused. My coach, Laura Todd, continues to help me stay with my of them being...authenticity. Ah, being creative isn't all that it's cracked up to be. There are downfalls to having a creative mind...the upside to following through...happiness.

How is it going with you art? If you ever want to jump start with an evening of collage...let me know.

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