Friday, August 17, 2012

On Taking a Break, or 5 tips for in-filling.

I had a therapist once...yes, I've had lots of them...who told me that I was in an in-filling period.  She said that artists have in-filling and out-pouring periods.  These two different processes should be respected...flowed with.  So when I'm in what seems like a blocked or dryspell, actually, I'm in-filling.  I can respect this process by giving to myself new experiences: hiking, going to museums, discovering new artists and taking in their work, trying out a new technique, cleaning or painting my studio.  During the in-filling period, I'm actually getting ready for the next out-pouring.  I might liken this to sex...yes, that's what I said.  The tension has to build again...the lust, the want...and then...  Okay, I'll spare you the details.  Did you ever read Natalie Goldberg's description of writing practice in comparison to sex?  Funny!

So there are different aspects of making art that can also come into play during the in-filling period: promotion, making promotional materials, framing, organzing the studio, errands and orders, sketching in nature, swimming.  Since it's summer, the in-filling period is easier to relax into.  I've been going to the bay to swim daily...86 degree weather, water smooth and sparkling.  Lovely.  Also wine tours out on the bay are refreshing and good for laughs and connections with friends.  I always carry my business cards.  Mixing it up with other artists is also reviving.  Sunday, Bellingham artists are organizing a gorilla art gallery down at Boulevard Park.  Artist show up with a piece of art and stand in a line holding up their painting at a certain hour.  Instant art gallery.  Funny...and fun.

During your next in-filling, try these 5 tips:
1.  Set up a regular walking schedule with or without a friend.
2.  Take in art galleries and museums, & books of art at the library.
3.  Fall in love with new colors.
4.  Peruse antique stores, dime stores, hardware stores, garage sales.
5.  Read a good mystery. 

Please share your tips for recharging once the flurry of new work has wound down.

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L.C. Lyon said...

Great post, so you are painting the studio? I have to come see soon!