Thursday, December 22, 2011

Daily Painting

Some artists like to paint a small painting each day as a warm-up and practice, just as the writer writes each day, not necessarily on a project, but to practice. This practice could be likened to physical exercise, daily stretching, or a daily practice on a keyboard or other instrument, to limber up the creative muscles, so to speak. There are several places on-line where artists can sell their work, on e-bay artists sell small paintings for between $100-$200.

I started a daily painting practice at one point, but didn't get too far. Now I'm painting larger paintings, but considering painting small pieces on paper as warm-ups. I will upload a couple of pieces here that I painted a year or two ago, with just this idea in mind. These are acrylic on paper and they are framed. They are $150/each, plus tax and shipping.  To order, contact me at

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