Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nancy Lou Canyon

I'm named after my grandmother, Lulu.  And I'm a lulu--not in a bad way, but in a creative way.  It just doesn't stop, this creative urge that runs through my viens.  When people tell me they are blocked creatively, all I can think of is how many ideas are always pressing on me to get out on the page, on the canvas, in a mixed-media box, a collage, a hand-made book, another poem, etc.  It is endless.  

I believe the answer to non-production, or blockages is in taking action. You must set aside time and space, though, where you can take action.  There is nothing more frustrating than to get started just a little bit--or to have an idea and not have a place or the supplies to put it together.  

My suggestion is to clear your schedule, open up at least two hours a week for creativity: say Monday or Thursday afternoons.  Give up scrubbing the toilet or putting new shelf paper on the kitchen shelves, just have at the art instead.  It's the only way to satisfy the muse.  Then let it become a habit.  You will be richly rewarded, I promise.

I also think it is important to own that you are an artist or writer.  When people ask what you do, say, I'm an artist.  Or I'm a author.  Owning your creativity makes you believe in yourself.  Even if you dabble, even if you do art only for yourself, own it.  It is yours, after all.  Making up a resume is helpful to show you what you've done in your life.  Or write a list in your journal noting where you've taken classes or what you've read to support your artistic love.

I'd like to support you in expressing yourself artistically.  In the comment box, let me know what project you're working on and how much time you gifted yourself this week to work it.  Yes, we can do it...we can all be lulus.

Peace, Nancy       

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