Thursday, October 27, 2011

Studio #21: North Wall

I began painting in my attic bedroom when I was in gradeschool.  Sounds funny, I know.  But I was only 12 and it was that or my brother's basement bedroom, or the kitchen table (not private enough).  I loved the color of Spokane sunsets, so I painted the silhouette of a Ponderosa Pine with a gorgeous orange sunset behind.  Unfortunately, I ran out of oil paint--it a Christmas gift, you know those little tubes, a wooden box, some brushes.

As an adult, I painted in many different set-ups: dinning room table, a small enclosed back porch, and a freezing upstairs bedroom. Eventually I built an amazing studio, 20 x 20, overlooking the shipping lanes of Puget Sound.  This place was great, complete with a bathroom.  I lived and worked there for six years before divorcing and moving to Bellingham.  Finally, I ended up in the Morgan Block Building, an artist co-op in Historic Fairhaven.

In this photo you see a 4' x 6' acrylic painting that I used an orchid plant as a model.  Orchids have great twisted air roots and wonderful pods that hold water for later use.  So fabulous.  The style I've used here is layer after layer of transparent paint, which makes for a lovely texture and lots of depth.

My studio is located at 1000 Harris.  If you want to come visit me, call and make an appointment: 710-7139.

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